Monday, January 31, 2011

Beads, beads, beads

Lately I've been addicted to beads. I've been covering things, mostly tins and other beads.  The process is very soothing to me.  I start and then before I know it, multiple hours have passed as you get in the 'zone'.  I am now expanding to other utensils including jars, bottles and salt & pepper shakers.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dragonflies in My Garden

Dragonflies in my Garden 2010
In the Fall of 2010, I participated in a "Casting for Recovery" event in Alaska which was an auction to raise funds to assist those survivors of breast cancer to attend a fly casting camp.  Artists from all over the nation enhanced brassieres which were auctioned off to the highest bidder. The attached is a photo of my final product.

Well here I go!

What is Art - Page 1
What is Art? - Page 2
 I have had this blogsite up and running for a while now and have been afraid to post. I go.  I am participating in the Sketchbook challenge and have posted a few of my sketches on line.  I have been inspired by quite a few of the artists who are publishing there and want to try to do the same.  Here are the images I have submitted so far.  The pages above are a collage spread that I put together as an introduction to my new creative journey.  If you lift the arrow flap it says, "Mystery & Alchemy" which is what it (making Art) sometimes seems like to me.  I love to make stuff and try new things, so you may be seeing some of that here.

The next two sketches are pen and ink doodles. These were inspired by the postings of other artists on the Sketchbook Challenge.  The site is making me work.  I love it!
Doodle Bug
Elaborate Doodle