Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fresh Berries

I have been working on this piece, over time, as a result of collecting pictures of blueberries and working in my sketchbook.  There is a previous piece, smaller, about 16 X 16 which was done as a study for this larger piece.   Fresh Berries was done in response to a challenge by the Evergreen Quilt Guild for the 2012 show.  The recycling theme required that the piece by 30 X 36 and use a scrap of recycled fabric provided by the guild.  My scrap piece was used to create veins in the leaves.

Detail of fresh berries.

Dragonfly Vest

Front view

I started this project in a Rachel Clark class in 2007.  I worked on it, put it in the closet and worked on it again and again.  Finally, I finished it prior to our trip to Argentina in February.  My goal is to finish all (most) of my UFOs.  Recently it won a first place at the Evergreen Quilt Guild show.  It may pay to finish!
Rear view

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Garden Gone Awry

Women Who Run With Scissors combined with the Green Bay Ikebana Flower Arranging group and the Green Bay Embroiderer's Guild for a weekend show at the Green Bay Botanical Gardenson March 2 and 3.  "Garden Gone Awry" was completed for the 2012 WWRWS challenge for the  show.  The requirements were: the size had to be 16" X 16"; the theme was botanical in nature (pun intended); and we had to use one or all of three grays selected by the challenge committee.  12 people with 12 very different viewpoints! This fun show exhibit was also exhibited at the Evergreen Quilt Guild Show.

All 12 of the show pieces